Private Investors

If you are looking for sound, unbiased advice on investing in property and shares, look no further! Whether you are starting out your journey as an investor or are an experienced investor with a portfolio of assets, we can provide the advice and services to help you maximise your investment.

Investing in Property Made Easy

Many investors favour property as an asset class. It is easy to understand and often the experience of property ownership is familiar. The reassurance of ‘Bricks and Mortar’ and being able to drive past the property makes it attractive to investors. There may also be significant tax benefits to investing in property. Good record keeping can ensure that you don’t pay more tax than you have to over the years of ownership and when you sell the property. The circumstances of the property can change over time, for example, you may live in it for a period, subdivide the property or develop it. When it comes time to sell, the capital gains tax may be quite complex. Owning the property in the right name or structure and structuring any loans appropriately can also ensure that you maximise tax benefits and return on your investment.

Investing in Shares and What to Consider

Like property investing, buying shares can also have significant tax advantages. Setting up the right structure is an important consideration when investing in any type of asset. The type of structure can largely impact issues such as tax, asset protection and transfer of control upon death. Forty Seven Accounting is uniquely placed through its relationship with Forty Seven Legal and Forty Seven Financial Planning to optimise your investment decisions and personal wealth from all angles.

We can help you:

  • Prepare financial reports and tax returns
  • Advise on investment structures
  • Navigate through complex capital gains tax issues
  • Advise on purchasing property through your SMSF
  • Set up the bare trust arrangement for borrowing in an SMSF
  • Structure loans to maximise tax advantages and flexibility
  • Advise on transferring commercial property into your SMSF
Any decision to purchase, retain, or sell a direct asset should be carefully considered. Direct assets should be viewed as a long-term investment. This is due to the potential short-term volatility that the property and share market may experience and the significant purchase, ongoing and sales costs which may take time to recoup.

We work closely with our Financial Planning and Legal team to ensure that your investment fits into your broader financial and estate plan and helps you to achieve your financial goals.