Nearly There

The last five years leading up to retirement are crucial. There is no room for error in decision making. If you don’t already have a Financial Plan or you are not confident with the plan you have, the time to act is now. For many people, living life has taken priority over planning for the future! Raising a family, paying off a mortgage, building a career have until now been the focus. Once the mindset that retirement, or at least a choice about retiring, is not far away, the understanding that the need to do something can become overwhelming,

The good news is that we have helped many, many of our clients through this process! We understand that it is daunting. That there are more questions than answers. More information and hype than help and relevance to each person’s unique circumstances. Retirement planning is too complex, too important, with too much at stake to be DIY.

We can help you plan:

business man relaxing thinking about retirement
  • retirement planning
  • Super contributions
  • transition to retirement
  • planning for Age Pension
  • capital gains tax planning
  • retirement capital needs
  • retirement income streams
  • investing for income
  • small business tax concessions

What do others say they need help with?

“When can I retire?”
“We really need to do something now”
“What Centrelink benefits can I expect”
“How much money do I need?”
“I don’t want to pay too much tax”
“What income can I expect? Is it enough?”
“How do I know what income I need?”
“I don’t want to lose any money”
“My home is my super, is this a good strategy?”
“Is a Self Managed Super Fund right for me?”